Family Learning Journal

The Family Learning Journal offers a simple, easy-to-learn lesson planning and record-keeping system for homeschool families. Not only can you easily keep track of your progress with your curriculum, but now there is a place to record all of the learning opportunities that come up during the year.
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The possibilities are endless.

Learning comes in all shapes and sizes – planned and unplanned. Even on those days when the schedule goes out the window, or a wonderful opportunity arises for learning, you can keep track of it all without rearranging your lesson plans. Either way, your children are still learning! The Family Learning Journal lets you track progress instantly and avoid the feeling of falling behind. Now, you can answer with confidence the question, “What did you do today?”

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No more erasing lesson plans!

With the Family Learning Journal there is no more erasing! Lesson days can be rearranged quickly and easily. You can even add to your lesson plans at any time, without losing your place, or your patience.

Hassle-free. Simple to use. Completely flexible.

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Family Learning Journal The possibilities are endless. No more erasing lesson plans!

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